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Forensic Assessment

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Forensic assessment involves the intersection of psychology and the legal process. A forensic psychologist is any clinical psychologist who, by virtue of training or experience, assists the court, or other finder of fact, in arriving at a just decision. Clinical psychologists specializing in forensic psychology work with individuals who may present with a variety of mental illnesses and mental health issues within the context of the criminal or civil arenas of the law. Civil matters usually involve civil litigation in which a plaintiff brings forward a suit because they believe someone else has physically or emotionally injured them. Examples may include personal injury suits, civil commitment proceedings, child custody disputes, or workers’ compensation cases. Criminal areas of forensic psychology include those situations in which an individual has committed a crime against society. Examples that necessitate the involvement of a forensic psychologist may include pleading insanity, raising issues of competency to stand trial, diminished capacity, assessment during sentencing of potential for future violence, or treatment of sex offenders.

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Forensic Assessment